Facts in English

Managing Board

For over a hundred years, we have been working for the people in our federal state, in Austria and in neighbouring countries from the basis of our headquarters in Bregenz, the state capital of Vorarlberg. Today Hypo Vorarlberg represents a strong regional bank. The Managing Board and employees work with great commitment and the utmost reliability to act as a strong and reliable partner for people and companies. On behalf of all the employees, the Managing Board of Hypo Vorarlberg guarantees you excellent quality in your banking business in the future, too.

Michel Haller, CEO

  • Credit Management - Corporate Customers (Credit Management - Corporate Customers, Credit Management Banks & Leasing, Credit Management St. Gallen, Financial Aids Department, Balance Sheet Analysis)
  • Credit Management - Private Customers (Credit Management - Private Customers, Certification/Credit Service, Housing Construction Aids)
  • Group Risk Controlling
  • Law (Central Loan Monitoring Corporate and Private Customers, Contract Law)
  • Human Resources
  • Communication
  • Compliance
  • Mid- and Backoffice Funds, Securities and Derivatives
  • IT/Organisation (Information Technology, Organisation, Payment Transactions)
  • St. Gallen Branch Office (Risk Management)
  • Hypo Vorarlberg, Italy (Risk Management, Real Estate)

Johannes Hefel

  • Private Customers Sales (Branch Offices Private Customers, Private Banking, Product Management)
  • Private Customers Vienna
  • Wealth Management
  • Asset Management (Asset Management, Fonds Management, Financial/Research)
  • Corporate and Internal Audit
  • Logistics (Facility and Materials Administration, Sustainability)
  • Marketing (Marketingmanagement, Youth Marketing, Sponsoring and Events, Creation)

Wilfried Amann

  • Corporate Customers Sales (Branch Offices Corporate Customers, International Services, Syndication/Structured Financing, Application Management/E-Banking)
  • Corporate Customers Vienna
  • Treasury (Asset Liability Management, Money / Foreign Exchange / Interest Derivatives Trading, Securities Customer Trading, Debt Capital Markets)
  • Strategic Bank Management
  • Accounting (Controlling, Bookkeeping, Supervisory Reporting, Accounting, Data and Document Management)
  • Participation Administration
  • St. Gallen Branch Office (Sales)
  • Hypo Vorarlberg Leasing, Italy (Sales)
  • Hypo Immobilien & Leasing GmbH
  • Hypo Versicherungsmakler GmbH

The Managing Board is also responsible for all branch offices in Vorarlberg, Vienna, Graz, Wels and St. Gallen.