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About us

About us

Since our establishment by the Vorarlberg state parliament in 1897, we have developed into a successful universal bank. In the process, we have always – even in difficult times – proven a reliable financial partner for the people and businesses in Vorarlberg and also beyond our state borders.

The reason is very simple: We have always pursued a local-based, conservative business model geared towards stability and sustainability. We deliberately choose not to engage in high-risk trading and speculative transactions.

This approach is a crucial quality factor for our bank; it gives both our customers and our employees clear goals, guidance and security.

Location and position

The headquarters of our bank are in Bregenz, the state capital of Vorarlberg. It was here, more than a hundred years ago, that we found the right place and the right conditions to become what we are today – a strong and secure regional bank.

Vorarlberg is a special region: with sharp contours and people with clear values and traditions that are still very much alive today. With a healthy economy and dynamic companies. All of these aspects give the region its special character.

Vorarlberg is a global player and a considerate neighbour. But Vorarlberg is one thing most of all: true to itself. For this reason, the state has strongly influenced our code of values.

Core business and core market

The people and business in the region and in Austria are our customers. Their trust and loyalty are what is most important to us. And this can be achieved only with stability. That is why we focus on what we do best: our key areas of expertise. Our business model is founded on three stable pillars:


Corporate bank Residential real estate bank Private bank
  • Financing
  • Subsidies
  • Payment transactions
  • Liquidity equalisation
  • Interest rate and currency hedging
  • Foreign transactions
  • Financing
  • Subsidies
  • Real estate services
  • Asset accumulation
  • Investment advisory service
  • In-house asset management
  • Special funds
  • Specialist for qualitative investment solutions (capital value maintenance concept, long-short strategies,...)


The Vorarlberg region is our core market.

We have a carefully planned, profitable and excellently equipped branch network here. This means that we are close to our customers. And always there when we are needed.

Branch office and employees

Do you operate globally? Think internationally.

Like many of our local companies, we also operate internationally. But for us this is no reason to change location. Thanks not least to modern communication technologies, we are always available to you anyway.

  • Austria: We also operate as a universal bank in Vienna, Graz , Wels and Salzburg, meaning that we are represented in Austria’s major economic centres.
  • Germany: The German market is served from the basis of our locations in Bregenz, Kleinwalsertal and Wels.
  • Switzerland: Our office in St. Gallen has established itself in eastern Switzerland as an alternative to the major banks and cantonal banks. In addition, we have extended the range of our activities in Switzerland towards Zurich, where we focus primarily on business with private customers.
  • Northern Italy: Our subsidiary in Bolzano with offices in Como and Treviso specialises in developing tailored financing solutions in the field of leasing.