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Legal Documents

Due to the sensitivity of our activities, as a bank we must comply with a large number of regulations. The corporate philosophy of Hypo Vorarlberg Bank AG has always been to strictly implement and comply with all legal requirements in the company, particularly in Austria, our main business area, but of course also in all other countries where we operate or with which we maintain business relations. The associated information can be found here.


Rigorous compliance with all legal requirements forms an important part of the business policy and corporate philosophy of Hypo Vorarlberg Bank AG, which is why a very strict compliance policy is also pursued.

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FMA licence for Hypo Vorarlberg

The following link will take you to the licence database of the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA). There you can enter the number “58000” (bank code of Hypo Vorarlberg) in the “Bank code” field of the search mask to go directly to our entry.

To the FMA licence database

To the list of our licences

Collection of Signatures

Here you will find all employees of Hypo Vorarlberg who are authorised signatories. Please note that you need a password to access this list. Your advisor will be happy to assist you.

To the authorised signatory list (password protected)